Drill Bits Related Services

Independent Drill Bits Repair Facility

The Modern Tamkeen Misfat Drill Bits Repair facility started operating in January 2020 and since then has been supporting the drill bit operation in the Sultanate of Oman and other GCC countries. The Modern Tamkeen Misfat Drill Bits Repair facility is consider as a leading independent drill bit repair facility that has a capacity to handle up to 50 drill bits per month.

Drill Bit Repair Consumables / Accessories

In addition being an independent Drill Bits repair facility, The Modern Tamkeen offers a wide range of drill bit repair material and accessories meeting the highest quality standards. The Modern Tamkeen has an international network of partners that can supply: PDC Cutters, Nozzles, Bit Breakers, Ring Gauges, Brazing, Hard facing and Flux Material, Dimond Burrs.

Drill Bit Optimization Services

The Modern Tamkeen has been a major service provider of highly skilled engineers to represent the drill bit vendors at the rig site. The Modern Tamkeen bit optimization engineers duties are inclusive but not limited to live reporting on drilling progress during the bit run, on site optimization of drilling parameters to preserve the drill bit life, enhance the drill bit performance, and end of run reports